Collaboration without Compromise

Act quickly across partner ecosystems with dynamic identity tools that both protect and accelerate your business.

Business demands new forms of collaboration

Until Transmute ID, caring for your customers’ sensitive data was an unavoidable cost. Transmute ID gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most to your business, not to what keeps you up at night.


Stop wasting time on fragmented processes, bottlenecks and silos. Automate workflows to capture immediate value with instant verification of identities and credentials.


Make optimal decisions with a complete view of your business ecosystem. Track actors, actions and assets at a granular level to expand your revenue, not your costs.


Enforce trust at scale in your business network. Tamper-evident, privacy-preserving records support rapid dispute resolution and satisfy complex compliance requirements with ease.


A resilient business is built on trust. As modern companies continue to digitize into business partner ecosystems, the sharing economy, and IoT, how is trust maintained across all parties at scale? Transmute provides enterprise-grade decentralized identity tools to secure trust across your entire network, manage millions of identities for people, entities and devices to minimize the risk of processing sensitive data.

How we use DLT (Blockchain)

How It Works

Transmute Powers Collaboration


User-managed identities integrate with existing infrastructure.


Verifiable credentials indicate privileges and accelerate onboarding.


Dynamic workflows connect identities and credentials to business requirements.


Blockchain integrity secures the extended system and reduces the cost of compliance.

Built on the Web of Trust

Using the same proven cryptography that powers the Web and distributed ledger technologies, Transmute ID presents a streamlined experience for exchanging sensitive data.