Businesses today sacrifice security in the name of scalability.

With Transmute get the best of both worlds.

Why DLT?

Today’s enterprise faces unprecedented security challenges when it comes to centralized infrastructure, but rip-and-replace is costly and often times unfeasible.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) enables individuals and businesses to build applications that are radically safer, but those benefits come with heavy setup costs and usability challenges.

We solve this challenge for enterprise developers by connecting traditional centralized directories with the decentralized,distributed cryptography that powers our hybrid blockchain.

Our mission is to help our customers use decentralization when and where it delivers real value, using code they’ve already written.

Guarantee The Right To Be Forgotten

In fact, using Transmute you can more easily comply with new and existing identity and security standards like GDPR, W3C, as well as industry-specific regulations like HIPAA.

Pragmatic DLT

Leverage DLT where it makes sense for your business, all while maintaining the scalability you’ve come to expect from cloud.

Use Cases

We’re committed to ensuring your business gets real solutions to real problems today — not five years from now. Here are some real use cases from real customers.

Identity and Access Management

An insurance company has an API hosted in Azure for handling sensitive documents and managing business and employee data integrations. Using the Transmute Platform, the API can continueto authenticate customer requests without any changes, but can now support encryption, signing and verification of documents, where the user controls the encryption keys.


illustration-identity-and-accessSelf Sovereign Identity
illustration-identity-and-accessCompatibility with existing standards including PGP, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and Active Directory



Auditing and Compliance

Title insurance requires a secure audit log of compliance and documentation. Using the Transmute Framework, any existing database can be extended to support smart contract integrations.The first level of support simply ensures the integrity of the offchain database. Now more complex smart contracts can easily be developed to automate cryptographic transfers of ownership, and attestations for required documentation.


illustration-identity-and-access Immutable Audit Log with support for existing databases
illustration-identity-and-access Easy to use extendable smart contracts

Transmute leads development of standards powering the future of the decentralized web.

Standardization accelerates commercialization and protects companies, ensuring a level of rigor and security agreed upon by technical and industry experts.

Learn how Transmute can deliver value for your business today.

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