Trusted data exchange for
the future of global trade

Transmute secures critical trade data to give customers a competitive edge in the increasingly dynamic global marketplace.

Chain of Custody

Transmute makes data traceable and secure.

Transmute’s modular document creation, signing, and sharing tools are simple to integrate and use while providing powerful global security and auditability.

Your whole ecosystem can now instantly share and verify the history of critical trade documents without fear of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Transmute helps our customers answer critical questions like:

  • How do I trust this document?
  • Who can see this information?
  • How does this data compare to similar cases across time and location?

Transmute in Action

Our solutions address the biggest problems facing global trade today

Counterfeit-resistant Data

The US Department of Homeland Security is using Transmute to digitize and secure import documentations for raw materials, like steel. Ironclad proof of material makeup and provenance ensures national infrastructure security and accurate duties enforcement.

Dynamic Supply Chain

Supply chain agility is critical to compete in today's on-demand world. Transmute offers tamper-evident digital documentation and vendor verification tools for just-in-time business and audit, ensuring companies can choose trusted vendors in seconds.

Sustainable Sourcing

Consumers increasingly demand products that are environmentally friendly. Transmute helps brands meet this demand by with verifiable product documents that prove product sustainability.

Ethical Practices

Who is involved in the lifecycle of goods from creation to consumption? Premium products benefit from highlighting their ethical labor and trade practices through trusted digital records and third party audits.

How it Works

Emergent technology doesn't have to be mysterious. Watch the video to learn the basics of how Transmute's technology meets global supply chain needs.

Transmute ID maximizes visibility and security across your business


Unique Identities for People & Things

Public key cryptography plus blockchain ensure verifiable identities


Employee / Contractor

Vehicles / Monitor



Verifiable Credentials & Documents

Tamper-evident, encrypted information includes trusted signatures

Driver Credentials & History

Carrier Insurance

Contracts & Packets

Payment Information


Authorized Business Workflows

Optimized to meet your security compliance and traceability needs

Driver Onboarding

Chain of Custody

Delivery Receipts

Audit and Compliance


Users can verify their identity, provide credentials, and digitally sign records in seconds without downloading anything.


Immutable logging means easy administrative oversight, fast dispute resolution and heightened customer trust.


Electronically signed documents are available to all relevant parties without requiring access to internal systems.


White label, EDI, and API options integrate with existing workflows and TMS systems.


Beat the competition for customers and drivers with easy mobile signing, clear privacy protections and built in reputation.

we use Open Standards


Build a trusted network at scale, secured by immutable logging of authorization and custody.

How we use DLT (Blockchain)

Upgrade your supply chain ecosystem with Transmute.

Learn how Transmute ID can integrate with and protect your business workflows.