Build a network of trust
with Transmute ID

Transmute ID enables secure workflow automation providing end-to-end traceability for logistics companies.

Chain of Custody

A traceable, secure chain of custody

Transmute ID helps your business know who you are working with, what credentials or authorizations they have, and what transactions have occurred.

This ensures that the right people are taking authorized actions from onboarding through delivery.

Transmute ID seamlessly integrates with existing systems to create a single source of truth that spans shippers, brokers, carriers, drivers, vehicles, and devices.

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Transmute ID in Action

Authorizing a Driver

Authorization Challenge

A Logistics Company must verify driver credentials to authorize transport.

Trusted Party Attestation

Driver uploads requested credentials.

Authorization Proof

Carrier attests that credentials are valid.

Transaction Secured

Credentials are verified, transportation is authorized.

Audit and Compliance

Chain of Custody


Users can verify their identity, provide credentials, and digitally sign records in seconds without downloading anything.


Immutable logging means easy administrative oversight, fast dispute resolution and heightened customer trust.


Electronically signed documents are available to all relevant parties without requiring access to internal systems.


White label, EDI, and API options integrate with existing workflows and TMS systems.

Transmute ID maximizes visibility and security across your business


Unique Identities for People & Things

Public key cryptography plus blockchain ensure verifiable identities


Employee / Contractor

Vehicles / Monitor



Verifiable Credentials & Documents

Tamper-evident, encrypted information includes trusted signatures

Driver Credentials & History

Carrier Insurance

Contracts & Packets

Payment Information


Authorized Business Workflows

Optimized to meet your security compliance and traceability needs

Driver Onboarding

Chain of Custody

Delivery Receipts


Beat the competition for customers and drivers with easy mobile signing, clear privacy protections and built in reputation.

we use Open Standards


Build a trusted network at scale, secured by immutable logging of authorization and custody.

How we use DLT (Blockchain)

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