Identity is a
pattern in time

Transmute’s technology connects enterprise infrastructure with emergent identity, credential, and data storage solutions.

The Transmute Advantage

Transmute powers usability and security across business partners. Our software acts as an “Enterprise Agent,” coordinating fast and secure interactions between identities, business workflows, storage systems, and blockchain technology.

Scalable Decentralized Identifiers

Easily connect to major blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Bitcoin & Hyperledger with decentralized identifiers.

Credential Workflow Engine

Automate the creation of cryptographically verifiable documents that can be signed and shared across partners.

Encrypted Data Vault

Ensure authorized access only using Transmute's integrated, secure storage of data.

Transmute offers maximum optionality when it comes to integrating with existing infrastructure and anchoring to distributed ledgers or blockchains.

Features & Functionality

Creation & Management

  • Manage verified IDs across the network safely and with confidence.
  • Maintain compliant user-company relationships through mutually tracked consent.


Create, store, and manage identities


Ensure authenticity and accountability with multi-factor authorization and
immutable event logging.

Business Requests

  • Facilitate workflows based on relevant roles and permissions.
  • Establish responsibility and build reputation by strategically leveraging immutability and digital signatures.

Business Credentials

  • Authenticate with greater confidence using network-verified credentials.
  • Verified credentials power real-time authorization without expensive integrations.


Enable more effective and secure
interactions across the network


Distributed Ledger Technology With Customized Control

  • Integrate with existing technology in real-time for a single view of the user.
  • Convenient reporting and compliance with current regulations thanks to audit log.

Transmute ID enables you to have visibility and security across all of your business needs. The three main components are:

Identity Creation & Management

  • Cloud Wallet
  • Universal Resolver
  • Revocation

Authorized Business Requests

  • Secure Messaging
  • Configurable Transaction Flows
  • Immutable Logging
  • Enterprise Analytics

Verifiable Business Credentials

  • Credentials Library
  • Multi-party Attestation

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