Transmute Product Roadmap

Our Product Roadmap

We are building centralized and decentralized services and features side-by-side to
bridge existing gaps in performance, security and accessibility.

We're an agile company and recognize that committing to releases more than three months away is optimistic. That said, we're so confident in the direction we’re headed that we’ve decided to share our development roadmap and timeline with the world. The following is subject to change.

Coming Soon

  • Transmute ID (first application on Transmute Platform) public launch, including:
    • Decentralized, compatible identities with secure key and data management options
    • Send and receive verified credentials
    • Sign transactions and log in immutable ledger
  • Enterprise systems design for identity and management integration
  • Expanded compatibility with major cloud and identity providers

Coming Later

  • Additional end user functionality to support discovery, recovery, revocation, and portability
  • Federated identity offering for enterprise clients
  • Feature and workflow development for microservices authentication and authorization
  • Decentralized platform MVP